January 15, 2016

Field Studies

Field 1: Art Creation and Art Studies as Academic Disciplines
Sub Fields :

    a. Fine Arts and Design: painting, sculpture, architecture, drawing, comics, crafts,
    b. Performing Arts: theater, dance, music composition and practice, poetry,
    c. The Arts of Recording Media: film, photography, conceptual art, and printmaking.

Field 2: Intersection and Interconnected Studies
Sub Fields:

    a. Culture Studies, Art Education, Teaching and Learning
    b. Literature, Language and Identity
    c. Sociology and Anthropology
    d. Art History, Critical Theory, and Philosophy

Field 3: Creative and Arts Studies in Networked Society
Sub Fields:

    a. Nowadays Networking
    b. Social Cohesion Through Creative and Arts Studies
    c. Creativity in Arts: power, agency and social imaginary
    d. Creative and Innovative Arts Works

Field 4: New Media and Art Communities
Sub Fields :

    a. Media Studies
    b. Visual Cultures
    c. Pop Cultures (ideas, perspective, attitude, phenomena
    d. Media and art communities interactivity