2022 6th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies (IICACS)

2022 6th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies (IICACS) is an academic forum initiated by the postgraduate program, Indonesian Art Institut (ISI) of Surakarta, to provide space for experts, artists, activists, students and other parties to share their knowledge, ideas, research findings, views, work of art and also to build networks among peers. The conference for 2022 is the sixth in a series, after the previous year it failed to be held due to the covid pandemic. Covid pandemic has indeed disrupted and then changed the nature of many people's daily activities all over the world. Almost all sectors of life - economy, politics, religion, technology, including the arts - must change in order to adapt to this emergency. In emergency situations it becomes apparent where art is positioned. Art events were canceled to be held not only for reasons of physical distancing, but also funds were diverted for other purposes deemed more urgent. In such a situation, an interesting case emerges which is broadcast by the media, where people who are locked down in their apartments for a long time are desperate and try to strengthen each other by singing or producing entertaining sounds. This case shows that in difficult circumstances, art can indeed be positioned as a need that can be postponed, or even eliminated, its fulfillment, but sometimes art is needed as part of solving problems. When the wounds from the covid pandemic have not completely passed and the world is preparing to recover, the world's worse condition due to war and many other causes is increasingly evident in front of our eyes. The mass media have also published statements of world leaders regarding the inevitability of the worst situation in the coming years, which cannot be predicted when it will end. In such a situation, art life will certainly be the part that is directly affected. The question is: "Does art actually have the power to be part of solving the problem, rather than just a need that can be delayed? It is important for experts, artists, activists, students and also other parties who have an interest in art life to discuss this academically in order to respond to uncertain future conditions. Sharing experiences between colleagues from various countries, learning from the past and in-depth studies that have been carried out can pave the way to at least avoid being in a position affected by uncertain future conditions

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