2021 5th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies (IICACS)
SPANNING THE GAPS: Interdisciplinary Relationships Building New Perspectives within Art Creation Practices

The Annual International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Arts Creation and Studies (IICACS) is an international arts conference held since 2016 at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts Surakarta, located in Central Java, Indonesia. This year's event "SPANNING THE GAPS" will tackle the theme of "Interdisciplinary Relationships Building New Perspectives within Art Creation Practices." How do practicing artists and arts scholars build rigorous and authentic collaborations with experts from other disciplines? How can the fields of natural science, social science, history, and philosophy contribute to the process of art creation and the production of cultural dialogs? Which methodologies are most effective for true innovation in interdisciplinary collaboration? How do the sciences benefit from collaborating with the arts? To build valid theories and methods, scholars and artists developing innovative ideas must share their knowledge with colleagues across disciplines, and across national and cultural borders. This international conference provides an opportunity for artists, scholars, scientists, researchers, educators, writers, creators, and critics to present ideas through the presentation of papers, through facilitated critical conversations, and through the exhibition of works of art and performance. The Indonesian Institute of the Arts Surakarta (Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta) is one of Indonesia's premier creative institutions, fostering both the preservation of Indonesia's rich myriad of traditional art forms and the development of contemporary works and scholarship on the cutting edge of creative thought and practice. The Institute balances traditional Indonesian philosophical and technical approaches in dynamic dialog with diverse international contemporary practices. The Institute supports training and scholarship in a wide variety of art forms, including but not limited to dance, performance art, theater, visual art, sculpture, film, photography, television and broadcasting, ethnomusicology, gamelan, contemporary music, puppetry, folk art and craft, fashion, graphic design, textile, architecture, interior design, landscape design, and visual communication design. The IICACS conference will bring together professional scholars and artists to share their expertise, to instigate the generation of new knowledge, and to renew old acquaintances, make new contacts, and build professional networks for developing their perspectives in designing future activities. This conference serves as a means to generate new methods and relationships between disciplines and between cultures, to build crucial bridges for our complex and ever-changing world. Due to ongoing pandemic conditions, IICACS will be held as a combined live and virtual event - scholars and artists located in Surakarta will participate from the Institute's conference hall, while national and international participants will participate online. As our global society contends with the aftermath of a historic disaster, this conference aims to contribute to strengthening cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural ties, towards rebuilding our cultural and creative movements with newfound wisdom, tolerance, and resilience.

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